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Promotional on-line campaign for the new air conditioner LG Artcool Stylist made by video, PR, Web Marketing, events.


LG Artcool Stylist is a unique and innovative air conditioner that “Style your Space”. Artcool Stylist has a sophisticated design (depth 121 mm and interaction thru LED lighting), Smart Functions (Smart Alarm, Voice Control, innovative Remote Controller, Improved energy efficiency, Improved installation) and Soft Air Flow capabilities (3D air flow, Low Noise).


The launch of this product on the italian market is based on the motivation of a premium consumer target while stimulating retailers to present and sell the product in stores. The strategy involves Digital Marketing, Cultural Marketing, Experience Marketing in order to position Artcool for “Space Styling concept in order to maximize sales.



Engaging with a trusted Product Ambassador like Paola Marella. She is an Architect, famous in Italy because conductor on several SKY TV formats and author of best-seller books about home styling and design. Will be online as main testimonial of Artcool Stylist, by the website, social and video chennels. Explaining benefits and advantages in terms of design and functionalities. She can involve professionals designer in some fields events and can launch a contest online where consumers and retailers are both involved.


Social and Web. Facebook Advertising. Buzz Marketing and PR Activities. Delivering Press Office and Promotion Mechanics to influencers. Target: lifestyle, home and luxury, fashion bloggers, interior designers. Maximizing the media exposure of LG Artcool Stylist, Generating buzz and favorable WOM to the consumer target. Inviting Professionals and Opinion Leaders to the Launch Event. Monitoring the Campaign with Analytics. Providing Online Ads/SEM Campaign and Video Concept Strategy and Production.

Video Campaign

LG Artcool Stylist - Paola Marella & Contest Presentation
LG Artcool Stylist - Design Short Version
LG Artcool Stylist - Functionalities Short Version

Viral Video Campaign

Online Ads & Social Campaign

Product Website


Launch Event & PR

LG Artcool Stylist Event in Milan
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