Dr. Schär
Global Packaging Design Relaunch


Dr. Schär


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Dr. Schär, Europe’s N°1 in Gluten-Free
relaunches in three different marketplace: EU, UK & USA

Qreactive has developed a new creative strategy and iconic packaging design for Dr. Schar, Europe’s favourite in gluten-free, as part of a global packaging relaunch of their brand.
We provided a strategic brand direction and unique vision along Dr. Schar and Bontà d’Italia lines for a global unification of all the product on three different marketplace: Europe to UK to USA.
Our design underlines the storytelling of the brand, adding emotion, a home-made atmosphere and an artisan look-and-feel behind both products and brand, giving “human touch” on packagings, bringing a foody style aiming to capture consumers attention and moving away from its previous medical look.

Bread & Bread Substitutes

Frozen Bread

Sweet Bakey

Corn & Cereals Flakes

Mixes & Flours

Bontà d’Italia – Ready Meals

Bontà d’Italia – Pizzas

Bontà d’Italia – Gelatos

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