Cavalier Umberto Boschi
Traditions. Tastes of History


Cavalier Umberto Boschi S.p.A.


Global Communication Strategy, Branding, Packaging and Brand Positioning for International Markets


Cavalier Umberto Boschi is best known as one of the most appreciated Italian Salami producer.  The “Salame di Felino D.O.P.” is the best seller product of the Cavalier Umberto Boschi, the product that has made the company famous nationally and internationally. The history of the Company is deeply founded on original recipes and hand made production processes.
The long time tradition of this Food Boutique is becoming the point of strength for a wide range of exclusive products. Starting from the Salami to the Prosciutto di Parma, Culatello, Coppa and other specialties.
Cavalier Umberto Boschi was reaching a new way to communicate and prepare the Brand for a better and effective positioning.


Underline the story-telling of the Company as unique, traditional; a premium and trustworthy Brand. The whole Service of Qreactive was based on a strategy dedicated to the main Brand. Re-design the Logo introducing historical elements, all the “natural and traditional” choices needed to obtain more coherent communication materials. A complete vision that includes packaging, the whole copy strategy and the digital presence. Our objective was to reduce the role of “industrial” and “artificial” reaching a foodie target and preparing the brand for international-export challenges.


In the strategy objectives was included the goal to create a New Brand dedicated to a Special Selection of Excellences. Cavalier Umberto Boschi was able to realize this premium selection, composed by those products able to demonstrate the highest level in the art of salami. Best of the tradition and the food experience that represents a real Made in Italy benefit. 1922 was the company year of foundation, Umberto e Rosa were the original founders, “Cantina” is the original place (a cellar) where dreams became a true. Then “1922, La Cantina di Umberto e Rosa”, the way to appreciate a taste of history.


Al the execution plan was realized in 12 months. We were involved in branding, packaging design, advertising and digital activities. Starting from a strong branding reform, we obtained the correct-coherent story-system.
Building up the communication code can involve not only marketing directors. At the beginning the whole company was part of the team, during creative-strategic sessions. Step by step, creating the story system – that represents the vision – we obtained the code.
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