Creativity and strategy to bring brands to life.

We are Qreactive

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drop by our studio and say hi!

Beautiful two-floors facility with
in-house shooting area and recording studio

We are a branding studio. We design brands based on ideas.

We design ingeniously simple brands and build unique personalities.

We humanize corporations, launch visions and clarify the complex.

We think openly and do thoughtfully.

We specialize in not specializing, our only requirement is an open mind.

We are dreamers, doers, thinkers, makers.

We offer a diverse range of work including branding, packaging, art direction, digital and motion design. We have an international reach, from Europe to USA, we deliver intelligent and innovative cross-platform solutions of communication design.



A.K.A #TeamQreactive #behindtheQ

Paolo Artoni _

Founder & Creative Director
President of Q&Q Group
Parma - New York

Giorgia Camisa _

Founder & CEO
CFO of Q&Q Group
Parma - New York

Daniel Lignini _

Creative Director

Giovanni Rossi _

Art Director

Paola Berardelli _

Art Director

Golia _

Studio Dog

Giacomo Comincini _

Art Director

Monica Piazza _

Graphic Designer

Cristiano Bonetti _

Art Director & Digital PM

Denis Burani _

Digital Designer
Reggio Emilia

Federico Ragazzoni _

Software Research
& Development
Reggio Emilia

Vanni Adorni _

Client Account

We are global!

Learn about Q&Q Group

We have a New York-based sister agency, QNY Creative, that complets our services making us a global design consultancy.

Together we are Q&Q-Group (International Marketing Strategies) with the aim to help European clients to export their products to the US market.

Based in the heart Manhattan and it's responsible for coordinating the work by both agencies. As Q&Q-Group we explore and help our clients to stay up-to-date on trends and consumer preferences in the US market _